Shop object

All shop metafield data is stored on the following metafield

{{ shop.metafields.rivo.loy | json }}

This is a list of attributes included in shop.metafields.rivo.loy

      points_program: {
        enabled: boolean,
        ways_to_earn: array,
        points_rewards: array,
        points_expiry_enabled: boolean
      vip_program: {
        enabled: boolean,
        tier_type: string,
        program_period: string,
        tiers: array
      referral_program: {
        enabled: boolean,
        referral_rewards: array,
        social_settings: array,
        customer_account_required: boolean
      translations: JSON,
      frontend: {
        pages: JSON,
        forms: array,
        brand_theme_settings: JSON,
        launcher_style_settings: JSON,
        custom_icons: JSON,
        css: {
          widget: widget_css,
          custom: custom_css
        potential_points: {
          order_placed: potential_points_for_order_placed

Points Program

enabledtrue, falseIs the points program enabled?