Getting Started with Rivo Metafields


Metafields are available on the Premium and Enterprise Plans

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How to get started

From the developer's settings page inside of Rivo - enable Shopify Metafields. The Metafields will be active on your store and available to use, allowing you to leverage the provided attributes in Liquid objects.

The shop.metafields.rivo.loy object is a JSON hash that contains various attributes related to the loyalty program, referral program, translations, frontend settings, and more. This metafield object is synced from Rivo, and any updates made to the settings within Rivo will automatically sync and update the corresponding values in the shop.metafields.rivo.loy object.

The customer.metafields.custom.rivo.value object is specific to individual customers and includes attributes such as points balance, VIP tier, status, date of birth, referral code, and more. Similarly, these attributes are synced from Rivo and cannot be directly updated through the Shopify admin interface. Changes made to customer-related data in Rivo will reflect in the corresponding values of the customer.metafields.custom.rivo.value object.

What’s Next