Start building with the Rivo Developer Toolkit

Until now, most loyalty platforms have offered cookie-cutter solutions. Fast-growing DTC brands running on Shopify in 2024 have custom use cases most of the time. The Rivo Developer Toolkit opens up possibilities to build anything.

Rest API

The classic. Access and update your Rivo data via API. Build fully custom solutions using our Developer Toolkit.

Javascript API

Instantly plug our Javascript API into your Shopify theme. Start creating custom displays and interactions with data from Rivo.

Rivo Metafields

Access your Rivo data natively inside of Shopify. Build fully custom liquid templates right inside of Shopify.

Rivo Javascript API

Get started with the Rivo Javascript API.

Rivo Rest API

Access and update your Rivo data via our Rest API.

Rivo Metafields

Create unique experiences using metafields. Get started with Rivo Metafields.