Welcome to the "Inspiration" section of our developer documentation for the Rivo Loyalty platform. This is a dedicated space where you'll find a curated list of Shopify stores that have successfully leveraged our developer toolkit to create engaging and innovative loyalty programs.

Our goal is to inspire and empower you as a developer by showcasing real-world examples. Each store listed provides a unique perspective on how our tools and resources can be utilized to enhance the customer experience, boost customer retention, and ultimately, increase sales.

Whether you're looking to build a custom loyalty program from scratch or seeking creative ideas to enhance an existing one, this collection of successful implementations serves as a rich source of inspiration and a testament to what can be achieved with the Rivo Loyalty platform.

Start exploring, get inspired, and create your own success story.

Ultra Football

Ultra Football, one of the world's largest multi-branded football stores, is a haven for die-hard football fans based in Australia. With flagship stores in Sydney and Melbourne, they provide an unparalleled experience, offering top-notch products from big brands, collaborations with other football brands, as well as unique attractions like an in-store cafe, bootrooms, and even an indoor pitch for activations and friendly games.

Ultra Football, recognizing the potential of the Rivo Loyalty platform, tapped into our developer toolkit to reinvigorate their customer loyalty program. Their new program was built from the ground up by Rivo's own in-house team. With an easy-to-navigate interface, customers are able to clearly understand the benefits of the program and how to earn and redeem rewards.

Check out Ultra Football's Loyalty Program here.


Yummers, an innovative pet food brand, was founded by Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness from "Queer Eye," along with Rebecca Frechette Rudisch, a seasoned marketing and brand leader. They brought their shared love for pets and a vision to shake up the pet industry by providing high-quality, locally sourced, and protein-packed pet food devoid of artificial ingredients.

Yummers utilized the Rivo Loyalty platform's developer toolkit to create a vibrant, engaging, and rewarding loyalty program for their pet-parent customers. Their dedicated in-house team recognized the potential of our toolkit to enhance their customer experience and build a loyalty program that truly resonates with their brand values.

Our toolkit's flexible and intuitive tools empowered Yummers to develop a unique program that not only motivates repeat purchases but also encourages deeper engagement with the brand. They were able to create personalized reward structures and promotions, reflective of their commitment to quality pet care.

Check out Yummers Loyalty Program here.